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Experts in full moving & packing services

For both private and businesses, we execute full service house or office removals. We are proud to say that we are a professional moving company. Our moving team with more than 10 years of experience is ready to help with several services.

While moving can be complicated when your family tries to take it on independently, Dutch Moving Solutions can lighten that load by stepping in and helping where necessary. We break the move down into more manageable steps, making it easier – and more successful! We understand the importance of assisting clients in preparing for the multi-step process. As a domestic moving company, we know that moving down the street is not the same as moving across the city, which is not the same as a long-distance move.


We’re your neighborhood mover if you’re relocating around the block, on the other side of the city, or in a new part of the county. Moving your neighbors for years, we can apply our know-how to your relocation while settling you into your new home securely and efficiently. More information about Residential


From an efficiency to a townhome, Dutch Moving Solutions relocates your apartment and all of its contents to a new space. Relocation is a breeze with the variety of moving services we offer. Navigating staircases and hallways is what we do best, saving you the stress of an apartment move.

long distance

Dutch Moving Solutions maneuvers the intricacies of a move across the country with the finesse of an expert. Start with a free estimate and enjoy our support throughout your journey until you arrive at your new front door. With packing and unpacking and furniture wrapping, we take every measure to securely deliver your belongings exactly as we found them.

about us

We are a well experienced moving company based in Amsterdam.
We offer relocation, transport, packaging and moving lift services in The Netherlands
We have full experience working in The Netherlands especially in Amsterdam with the narrow streets and buildings.
We are daily active as a moving company in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Haag.

Do you want to move abroad?
Dutch Moving Solutions has the right materials, experience and team for international moves especially to
Spain, Germany, Belgium, England and Italy.
Our specialities are that our services are controlled & careful

Relocation Service

Are you moving into a new home in the near future?
 and are you looking for a reliable moving company to move your household effects?
We have the right team of movers and trucks for a excellent price.
We also offer full packing and unpacking service, professional packing for shipping.

our services

Relocation (private & business), International relocation, Furniture transport,
Moving lift (ladderlift) Host hire service, Expat Removal, Emergency relocation,
House clearance, Storage services,
Packing service, Oversea Container packing and unpacking.

Moving company in The Netherlands
Are you looking for a good moving company in The Netherlands? relocation service Dutch Moving Solutions can be a great service to you. Our services are professional handled. Our moving company is daily active in The Netherlands. We can help you with small relocation, big relocation service, expat removals, professional packing and unpacking services and many more.

Expat Removals
Moving for work? Our professional moving company Netherlands is ready to help. Moving internationally can be scary, with the right company you can make it way easier. Our moving company works with a standard contact person wich is available anytime to help, with any information you want. Also we can help you extra's like with paperwork information about The Netherlands. Our expat moving company is based in Amsterdam. We provide professional services and this is very important for your relocation especially when your first time in The Netherlands. Choose for our expat movers ''Dutch Moving Solutions'' company and you will get a stress-free quality moving company. Our prices are affordable compared with other companies. Be carefull with those student movers service. They charge same prices or even more as we professional moving company.
Contact us at Dutch Moving Solutions
Feel free to reach out to us at Dutch Moving Solutions any time to discuss your free quote. We’re residential movers near you, ready to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may experience in planning your move. Let us know your location, a timeframe, and the approximate size of your home. Give us a call to get started.