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While moving can be complicated when your family tries to take it on independently, Dutch Moving Solutions can lighten that load by stepping in and helping where necessary. We break the move down into more manageable steps, making it easier – and more successful! We understand the importance of assisting clients in preparing for the multi-step process. As a domestic moving company, we know that moving down the street is not the same as moving across the city, which is not the same as a long-distance move.

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Dutch Moving Solutions is a team of professionals. Active in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn we work alot for expats. Our team of professionals is ready to help. Our team is exclusively. We don’t outsource our work to contractors. We handle all of our clients’ needs ourselves. There are no day laborers moving our customer’s belongings. We handle everything ourselves exclusively.

Leidsche Rijn Moving Company has been a highly successful local moving business for over 6 years. Thanks to word-of-mouth and life-longfans, we now move 5,000+ clients every year. People are raving about us online! Why? Because, we really care, we don’t overcharge and we deliver what we promised!

transparency in pricing

Dutch Moving Solutions as Moving company Leidsche Rijn applies no hidden fees when moving day arrives. We charge the price that we quote with no special add-ons or surcharges. Our pricing is upfront, and you know what you’re paying for.

excellent customer service

After years of serving our expat community in Leidsche Rijn by safely transporting the contents of clients’ homes, we are proud to boast a legion of happy customers. We maintain our reputation for treating customers the right way. Your satisfaction is our priority.

comprehensive planning

Our Expat Relocation Company Utrecht active especially in Leidsche Rijn plans moves from A to Z. Customized to client needs, we start with packing, continue to disassembling furniture, protect and transport everything safely, and then unpack and reassemble if necessary

Our complete moving services Utrecht include:

  • Scheduling with a dedicated relocation consultant who will review the logistics of your move in detail in order to properly price and schedule.
  • Confirmation of your move through a detailed letter via email or fax along with a reiteration of pricing and policies.
  • Packing services (unpacking) Upon your request, our specialized team will arrive before the scheduled move to pack any electronics, dish ware, mirrors, books, etc. Your furniture will be prepared and wrapped.
  • Moving Day will begin at the scheduled time with the arrival of our courteous and professionally trained team. A foreman will supervise the move while staying in regular communication with the client and coordinating any last -minute requests.

We are a moving company in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht, which also offers office moving services and long distance moving.

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